Mini Bus

Travelling is always fun especially when you travel with your friends. When you travel in a group 8- 10 people then you need to book mini bus. It is the right choice because you can used it for family trips or corporate purposes as well. The Cheruba chariot is best option to book a mini bus service in advance to get rid of any problems that can happened during traveling. The modern mini buses are designed to meet the basic needs of the passengers while offering comfortable leather seats, modern interior and extra space for the luggage that allows you enough room to move easily inside a mini bus.

Highly Secured

Cheruba Chariot provide fully secured services. For us our customer’s security and safety are our priority. Our customers are very important for us. we are also aware of all hazards and accidents that can happen during traveling so to avoid any problem we hire expert and professional drivers to provide you secure travelling experience. So, forget about any security and safety measurements or requirements and enjoy your travelling. Our company take full responsibility in case any undesired accident happened during travelling because our company has insurance. A licensed reputable company definitely provide you a sense of confident. Our company is a licensed company and offered fully licensed service so you can travel fearlessly.

24/7 customer support

Our company provide peaceful bus service. We have qualified and hardworking staff and we give them proper training so they can easily fulfil your requirements according to your need. They always deal every customer respectfully and answer all their quires. You can book your mini bus any time of a day because we provide 24/7 online as well as reliable customer service which means that if there is a sudden plan for travelling, these can be booked immediately. We have professional drivers and safety guarantee just for the peace of your mind.

Latest model buses

Cheruba chariot has latest model buses. all busses are modernly designed with advanced features to meet the basic needs of the passengers while offering comfortable leather seats, modern interior with extra space for the luggage so passengers can move easily inside a mini buss. The atmosphere inside of the bus is comfortable which make traveling stress free and fun especially when you are travelling with your friends or family members.

Available for different occasions

You can hire our busses for different travel purposes such as weddings, special events, parties, sports events, picnics or day trips or to visit a concert or sports event with your friends. This means you can travel with a group of people with maximum comfort and convenience.

Get an offer

Cheruba chariot have an easy booking system. We have a credible website which provides you the comfort of booking tickets24/7. You can book tickets from any place and at any time for any emergency. Booking through website for getting the bus reservation to save you from standing in the long queues in order to travel by bus to any place. All you have to do is go to our website and click to get your offer. When you will successfully get your offer, you can get your tickets to travel by our mini bus service.

Our mission

Our mission is to build a trustworthy and reliable professional relationship with our customers to make them potential and loyal. We always try to give the best service to our customers. we wish each single client to own peace of mind, knowing that they are travelling in a good and friendly environment. Also, they will reach at their destination safely on time. So, if you want to travel with us, then do not give it a second thought and book your tickets and get the best service and experience of travelling and booking online tickets as we always work according to the needs of the customers.

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